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This seems to be a fairly recurring sight as the winter goes on. Lots of hours on the road. Lots of… http://t.co/JkAOJ4q6H9

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RT @outsidemagazine: Presenting @simihamilton's top five training tips to achieve cross-country glory: http://t.co/k54rjOaN6P http://t.co/A

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Really psyched to be featured in the Nov/Dec issue of @outsidemagazine! This magazine rocks... http://t.co/hP0JEGt2YR

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Snowy. Cold. Dark for most of the day. Can't find too much to complain about here in Finland.… http://t.co/9VWoVajgXE

Simi Hamilton

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Outside MagNovember 22, 2014

I was flipping thru my girlfriend’s Nov/Dec issue of Outside a little while back and turned the page to find my ugly mug staring back at me. Yikes! That was kind of funny. But kind of cool too. I knew that I was going to be featured in the ‘My Body’ segment of the magazine at some point, but I didn’t think it was going to be so soon considering they had just wrapped up the interview questions and photo stuff a few weeks before. Anyway, it’s pretty cool to be featured in such a high profile magazine and I’m humbled that I got the opportunity. For a while it was only available in-print, but now you can find it online here:

Outside Magazine Article

It’s -18 celsius in Muonio right now and I’m rummaging thru my closet to see what else I can put on that will keep me warm for my ski this morning. I’m really hoping that sun that’s supposed to “rise” at 10:30 will warm things up at least a half a degree. We’ll see. I thought it was funny that in the most recent USSA Facebook update from Muonio, the author (who shall remain nameless) referred to the temps as being unseasonably warm. What season are you referring to, Matt?


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