@simihamiltonabout about 8 days ago

@andrew_gardner @erikbjornsen I think he just looks pleased because he was making it warmer

@simihamiltonabout about 8 days ago

And this cool dude definitely deserves a high 5. @erikbjornsen scoring his 1st WC sprint points! #hotwaterisforlosers http://t.co/nVi8pwsnA2

@simihamiltonabout about 8 days ago

Keep gettin' tangled in the wrong place at the wrong time! Oh well, psyched with the quali at least... 30 km tomorrow maybe?

@simihamiltonabout about 9 days ago

@lizstephen nailing down her first World Cup podium today in cold/windy Rybinsk, RUS. So proud of such a great teammate and amazing friend!

Simi Hamilton


RybinskJanuary 25, 2015

It’s funny; when you haven’t been in touch with truly cold weather for a while, you completely forget what it’s like. At -25°C your bones move slower. Any hair that finds its way out from under your hat immediately turns grey with a thin coat of rime. Your nose and cheeks, left out to take the brunt of the wind chill when you’re tucking a hill at 60 km/h, make their way down the color spectrum… from pink to red to crimson red and then eventually to white. You feel 10 years older with stiffness from the layers on layers of long underwear underneath your training jacket and pants. And then there’s the all to familiar high-pitched squeak of frigid snow as it tries to move underneath your ski bases.

I guess when you put it in a list, it certainly sounds a little bit miserable. But there’s a reason why we’re cross country ski athletes… we’re all a little off our rockers, we put ourselves thru days, weeks, months, and eventually years of this type of torture, and we love it.

We’ll leave Rybinsk, Russia tomorrow morning a little bit frostbitten, maybe a little lighter from all the calories burned trying to keep our bodies warm, but pretty … read more >>

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