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Best skiing I’ve had in Vermont in months. • • • @dophed isabelcaldwell92 @llbean swixsportus fischernordic… https://t.co/T5atJFi36b

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I swear we didn’t plan it. • • • @BolgerKevin #nofilter 📸 matt.d.whitcomb @ Snow Farm, New Zealand https://t.co/slDH5SPAXb

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Down under, way above Hawea w/ paddy_caldwell @saxtonskier @BolgerKevin @ New Zealand https://t.co/i7LsanzsVe

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Hammering out some threshold intervals. XC skiing doesn’t always look heroic, but when it does, it really does.* •… https://t.co/Z6uLms3gj2

Simi Hamilton

Bib #1 for qualification. I was pretty stoked to qualify 12th, leaving me with a bit of confidence that it was going to be a good day. The course in Drammen goes up and around the beautiful church in the background. Photo: Nordic Focus

We Love This PlaceFebruary 8, 2016

It’s Scandinavia… what’s there not to love? Granted, we go to some fairly amazing places throughout the whole year, but I think it’s probably safe to say that any time we board a flight from central Europe or the U.S., and the destination on our ticket stub either reads OSL (Oslo-Gardermoen), ARN (Stockholm-Arlanda), or HEL (Helsinki-Vantaa) we get a little more pep in our step and you see a few more smiles in the aisles. Maybe it’s the fact that we know where we are headed… great ski towns with amazing food, awesome training and racing venues, and with locals around every corner on the street or turn in the trail who are genuinely psyched to see you there and share their home with you. It’s not that we don’t get all those things in just about every other place we go during the season, but there’s an energy here up north that’s just a little bit different, and it feels a bit more like home. With the Canadian tour rounding out the World Cup season this year, it’s nice to feel that energy a bit earlier in the season than we’re used to (usually our Scandinavian tour starts in early March). Although the weather has been a bit dramatic since we’ve arrived here and we’ve seen everything from … read more >>

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