@simihamiltonabout about 2 days ago

One heck of a day for a 4 hr road ride in Vermont. Always a good sign when you have to keep your arm… http://t.co/40C1ZUlukI

@simihamiltonabout about 6 days ago

Well, looks like I'm all set for another 5 month season. Now I just need to learn how to use it 😉! Thanks @SwixWax! http://t.co/6zYpJcZVHA

@simihamiltonabout about 7 days ago

Starting to feel like Fall around VT... Can't wait to get off the roads and on to the snow! @fischersports @oakley http://t.co/ePVhVwjleN

@simihamiltonabout about 11 days ago

Had some seriously fast dudes show up for Speed Camp in LP today! Thanks to @HPCyclery and @NENSA for the support! http://t.co/dKyL2pjwGF

Simi Hamilton

Great session of L4 intervals to start camp off

lake placid, an attempt at a catch-up, and learning to be patientAugust 29, 2014

I rolled my ankle trail running in the Adirondacks yesterday… worse than I have in quite a few years (which is saying something considering this little chronic problem of mine is my nemesis ever since I partially tore a bunch of ligaments alpine skiing in the park in high school and I tend to re-injure it at some level about 2 times a year). So I’ve been hobbling around the hallways of the always lovely Lake Placid Olympic Training Center in an air cast and have subjected myself to using the Game Ready ice/compress machine several hours a day while staring at the same portraits of the greatest past Olympic moments that they’ve had on the bedroom walls for the last 15+ years (probably longer). But I don’t want to dwell on any of that, especially since I should be back to full-go mode in no more than a few days (KOW). There’s not a ton do around these parts besides train a lot and take advantage of the blazing WiFi (I’ve come to compare all internet I come across to European standards), and since I can only do one of those activities at the moment, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time perusing thru the various ins and outs of the inter web. There’s a lot of … read more >>

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