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One of those days. ūüď∑: bmkoons @ Home https://t.co/TaBG2b8ZYB

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In case you haven't picked up on the many hints that our #newzealand training camp has been a total… https://t.co/VqRnhPHpl7

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Philosophy Phriday: no matter where you are or what you're doing, there exist constant opportunities… https://t.co/u5VLcgA1ik

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New blog post up from N-Zed. Things are really terrible down here at the #snowfarmNZ. Check it out… https://t.co/wfbpcNVCDz

Simi Hamilton


South. Way South.July 14, 2015

As in, ‘almost to Antarctica’ south. New Zealand is a special place. Every time I take my seat on my departure¬†flight out of here, I promise myself that the next time I make the 14 hour flight down I’ll bring my backcountry¬†skis. Or my climbing gear. Or my surf board. Or my mountain bike. %$#& it, I’ll throw it all in. Fifteen years ago, if you asked a 13 year-old Simi to draw a picture of where he’d most like to be instantly¬†transported to via a¬†snap of the fingers, it would be a blueprint of the Kiwi landscape. Every time I step off the Air NZ Auckland to Queenstown flight, I’m¬†instantly transported to a “what if” world. What if I could just climb and ski that 3,000′ couloir? Or take my bike on¬†a week long adventure through the incredible back valleys of The Remarkables? Or pack up my truck and drive the circumference of the islands, stopping every few hours at the next surf break or sport crag? With enough obsessive daydreaming, it’ll¬†happen one day, but as it is right now,¬†I’ve only got room for about 10 pairs of training skis, a big duffel of stinky¬†training clothes (no matter how many wash cycles, you never really¬†get rid of it), … read more >>

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