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Ohhhh Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge... It's good to be back in your sweet embraces. @ City Of Canmore http://t.co/toutzNgEe1

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RT @fischersports: Simi Hamilton gives a report on his switch to Fischer boots: http://t.co/PdgWSLVG6f

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@dophed That's what happens when you leave me home alone. #myiphoneisthecoolestfriendihave

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Yeah, that's right. We're rockin' the stars n' stripes this year on the WC. #Merica @usskiteam @FISCrossCountry http://t.co/H3ArxWKnPX

Simi Hamilton

Done and done.

100,000 MetersSeptember 24, 2014

There are countless things that are put into a ski-race-winning equation. There are the seemingly endless sets of 6×4 min level 4 intervals in the training season. There are the speed sessions that you do on the same stretch of road or trail, trying to get just a little bit faster and more powerful each time you do them. There are the 1,000s of pull-ups, dips, and lat pullovers. And every so often there are the workouts that are truly, at their core, so fun and challenging and ridiculous that you get a little nervous just thinking about them even when they are weeks away.

This past Saturday, our motley crew of SMS T2 skiers set out on a brisk Fall New England day to ski 100 km in one training session. When you train 800 hours a year, you get accustomed to passing the same fence lines, the same guard rails, and the same trees along a single track run week after week after week. So the opportunity to ski for over 6 hours in rolling farm terrain in country we seldom see is a rejuvenation for your mind and body. Everything becomes exciting, from the slow but manageable pace you have to maintain to reminding yourself to take down a liter of Gatorade every hour. The team … read more >>

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