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Getting ready to watch this dude in the finals of the World Cup sprint opener in Ruka. Fire it up @AndyNewellskier! https://t.co/uYMXgQgAxl

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New blog post up from northern Finland. Where it's 9 a.m. and still dark... https://t.co/DmGtxgqQ7S

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When you can't be outside in the beautiful fall weather and the training plan calls for getting huge,… https://t.co/iRDyl6k44I

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A little recap from our two weeks in Norway and at #Toppidrettsveka http://t.co/DmGtxg9eJi

Simi Hamilton

Heading east towards Ruka.

Cold, dark, humid RukaNovember 24, 2015

We’re back. Ruka is one of those places on the tour that’s become a staple. From the same Finnish hit station playing in the restaurant, to the all-too-familiar long, slow, 10 minute uphill slog to every meal, some things never change. But it’s all good, because this place always dishes up a great race weekend and both the distance and sprint courses, as well as the unique mini-tour race format set the bar high for the rest of the World Cup season. I’ve been here in the past when the mercury hasn’t climbed above 0°F for a week straight. Exposed skin almost immediately flushes red and then turns to a ghostly pale white for the rest of the training session (or the walk to breakfast). Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, that seems to be less and less common up here in the far north, as Europe’s winters are becoming increasingly more mild. We’re looking towards a week of relatively warm temps here, although the ice-fog that makes its home here in eastern Finland anywhere on the landscape that rises more than a few meters, will surely find its way through however many layers of poly-pro and down we can put on. The FIS World Cup weekend opener kicks off with a classic sprint on Friday, followed by and individual skate … read more >>

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