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Welp, this is my first post on my first personal website. I think the title is appropriate as I am new to all of this and we are in the middle of our first training camp of the year. We’ve been here in Bend, Oregon for the last 10 days, and it’s been pretty awesome. With the exception of a minor setback involving 25 drinkbelts being stolen on Century Dr. while we were doing intervals, things have pretty much been prefect. We haven’t put klister on once since we’ve been here (zero skiing has been sweet) and awesome grooming has awaited us at 8 a.m. every morning. Our workouts have ranged from easy, long (2.5 hr) skis up at Bachelor to L4 rollerski double pole intervals. It’s been great having a ton of skiers here. The canadian national team came down, my home club, SVSEF is here, and there are even a few stragglers from the Craftsbury Green Racing Project sneaking around. Being able to train with a variety of different people is so huge, as each person has something good to bring to the table. Plus you don’t get sick of skiing with the same people all the time. 

Bend is truly a great opportunity to get your feet back under you. It is at the perfect time of year to get back on the skis because you’ve had just enough time to take a mental break from ski-specific training but it hasn’t been too long that you’ve forgotten how to ski. After the first couple days of on-snow training, you more or less remember what your body’s supposed to do. It’s a good feeling when everything starts to click again. 

Keep checking in to my site to find out more about me and what life as a full time skier is like. I am working on getting my site more aesthetically interesting, and promise it will make big jumps in that department soon. I will also be posting a ton of pictures and links soon. Cool

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