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Back from PC

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Well, I made it home from USST Rookie Camp yesterday and the only way to describe how I was feeling when I walked in my front door was wiped out. It was a great few days down in Park City with all of the events, meetings, and presentations that were part of Rookie Camp, and I even found a few minutes each day to sneak in some workouts in the Utah heat. 

On Wednesday, Noah Hoffman and I rode a big loop that took us from the Center of Excellence (COE), up to midway on Deer Valley, across the ski area, up to the top of Park City Ski Area, around a huge back bowl (that was mostly still covered in snow), and then all the way down the ski area into the town of PC. Total ride time=3.5 hours (but you have to multiply that by 2 because you’re training with Hoffman). Thursday and Friday were mostly spent in the conference room, but I was able to slip downstairs to pump some iron on a couple occasions. After a brutal soccer watching session on Saturday, one of my very good friends and I cruised down to Soldier Hollow to rally some SoHo loops on the classic skis. (Kilo) Graham Egan is working for USSA this summer as the xc intern, and I have to say there is no other person that would do a better job at what he’s doing. His energy and passion for xc skiing is pretty unbelievable to see, and it’s super encouraging to know that he is now part of the administrational effort for US skiing. I would be psyched to see him still involved with the USST in ten years. We could only be so lucky. 

It was awesome seeing Farra, finally meeting Toni (Adams), catching up with Margo, and spotting a ton of familiar faces around the COE. They all work so hard for us athletes, which gets me super fired up to train hard and race harder. 

Sorry I don’t have any pictures from the weekend. It’s not even worth bringing a camera when you train with Hoff (unless you’re really good at riding technical single track one-handed) and USSA doesn’t allow any cameras in the COE. Just kidding, but it would be stupid to take pictures inside of the center because it’s so sick and everyone would be jealous. Stay tuned for training updates from home between now and when I leave for New Zealand (in exactly 3 weeks!).



Rookie Camp

Topic: General News

I’m super psyched to be heading to USSA “Rookie Camp” in Park City this week. It’ll be me and about 10 other rookies, and includes all new U.S. Ski Team ‘piners, boarders, bumpers, and jumpers. It’s a huge honor and a dream finally realized to be joining the U.S. Ski Team and think that USSA is doing a lot for our sport, as well as all the other ski/snowboard disciplines. When it comes down to it, we’re making sick progress on the international xc stage and domestic development for juniors is at an unprecedented level, and those two things are ultimately what we’re after. Stay tuned for an update from Park City coming next week.  




A Weekend at Robie Creek

Topic: General News

A send off for my good friend Israel wouldn’t have been complete without a weekend of music, horseshoes, beer, burgers and plenty of sunshine in Robie Creek. Israel is leaving to join the Peace Corp for 18 months in Madagascar, so Kate and I swung around the mountains for a true Idaho get together. Thanks to the Carr family, who are literally the nicest people I’ve ever hung out with, and their Robie Creek friends and neighbors for one helluva good time. The picture with my two friends Andrew and Rudy standing next to a horseshoe stake with four ringers on it should be sent to the guinness world record people. Maybe I just don’t read Horseshoe Monthly often enough, but I don’t think four consecutive ringers are thrown all that often. Be safe and healthy, Israel, and I’ll see you in 18 months for your welcome home party.




Day 51

Topic: General News

Just finished a great strength session at High Altitude Fitness and then a nice pool sess at Zenergy. Life is pretty good. Since I have titled this page on my website “blog”, I thought I’d do something “blogish”. I was just browsing through twitter, and found an article that Andrew Gardner (my old college ski coach and friend) linked to. The article is about the current oil “spill” in the Gulf (read the article to see why I put spill in quotations). It’s written by my good friend, role model, and xc superstar Bill McKibben. Definitely worth reading. In my opinion, this is the most successful attempt at sizing up the true significance of what is going on right now. Sad, but I don’t think it’s too late to start looking at this as a wake up call. Check it out:




“Sun” Valley

Topic: General News

I felt obligated this evening to step outside and snap some photos of SUNSHINE in SUN VALLEY. I think they were the first rays I’ve seen since I came back from Bend. It sure is nice to feel some vitamin D on the skin, and really hope this afternoon wasn’t just a tease. Forecast for tomorrow says partly cloudy with only a very very small chance of showers in the afternoon, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that tomorrow morning won’t be like this morning… downpour!

This morning’s workout was good. It was one of those days that you would much rather stay in bed and read, so getting out in the rain and double poling 2 hours in the gloomy, flat air made me feel tough. I tried to count how many earthworms I rolled over, but lost count somewhere around 200. My body is feeling pretty tired after Bend, but I think that’s a good sign. My main goal this week is to get in some really quality workouts while still listening to my body and getting the proper recovery I need. Hydration and sleep will be key, as well as keeping my easy workouts EASY. Looking forward to a track workout with the team tomorrow morning, and then some fun mountain and road rides later this week. Pray for sun!




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