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Well folks, sorry about the lack of activity recently… training life has been busy here in Ketchum. To tell you the truth, most of each morning (pre and post a.m. training) is dominated by the Versus channel. It’s nice to be able to watch a sporting event on T.V. that we, as xc racers, can relate to. It’s pretty impressive to watch the big guns in the mountains bury themselves day after day after day. It’s actually funny, most stages either start, end, or pass through exact places where I’ve ski raced over the years. The other day, I was watching a mountain stage and watched the riders climb up and over the Col de la Ramaz. Even though I usually have a pretty good memory with names, “Col de la Ramaz” didn’t stir up any previous memories… but when I saw the peleton ride past an old wooden structured on top of the Col, I immediately remembered doing intervals in the winter up to that exact same spot in between the ski areas of Sommand and Praz de Lys. It’s a small world, so to speak. 

I’m gearing up to head down to New Zealand on Sunday with my USST teammates and couldn’t be more psyched for what will undoubtedly be a stellar trip. I’ve never been down there before, which adds to the excitement and anxiety involved with flying half way around the world (literally) to a small, remote island in the south Pacific to ski for three weeks with a group of some of the most fun and talented athletes in the U.S. (and Canada and Russia and Italy). 

My training focus since the Bend camp has essentially been big hours with some speed and intensity (mostly L3) mixed in for good measure. I feel like I’m absorbing the hours and intensity really well, and the time trials/general feeling of my body have shown that my fitness and speed are well ahead of where I was last year at this same time. As much as I think about training and racing every minute of every day, I’ve been good (and I think have always been good at) making sure I’m achieving a healthy balance with things outside of skiing. On Sunday, Kate, Colin, Nicole, and I joined our friends Noi and Rob for an afternoon of lake surfing down on Magic Reservoir. At the end of a 22 hour week, it was exactly what I needed. Check out some shots below that Noi took of Kate and I riding the curl. You’ll probably notice that my girlfriend looks way more comfortable than me on the board, but I’d just like to point out that I’m a much better skier than her. I like to point that out to her on a daily basis. 

Thanks again Noi for some rad photos and an even radder day. And thanks Rob for the perfect driving and wave production. You guys are awesome. 

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