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Well, things are sweet at the Snow Farm. We’ve been here for almost exactly a week, and I’m already dreading our departure in two weeks. The training is exceptional. Perfect grooming and we’ve been lucky enough to have mostly a cold, dry high-pressure system hovering over the South Island for the last few days. Most of us are primarily focused on big hours for this camp, but since our bodies are fairly well adjusted and we’ve gotten into a good rhthym of eat, sleep, train, eat, email, train, eat, sleep, repeat, we’ll start dialing up the intensity this week and next. I’m feeling good… making some good, small technique adjustments that I think will be really good for both my distance racing and my sprinting. Being able to head out on long ODs and speed workouts with some of the best sprinters and distance skiers on the World Cup certainly helps and gets you pretty fired up to kick ass.

With a day off yesterday, Andy, Liz and I headed into Queenstown to check out the scene. Pretty cool place. It reminded me a little bit of home although slightly more touristy and on a giant lake. I remember a lot of my friends in middle school coming home after an exchange in Queenstown and they all said it was one of the coolest places they had ever been. Well, that’s kind of how I feel about New Zealand in general.

These photos were taken by Pete V. He and Whitcomb have been working super hard around here, and it’s been awesome having them here as coaches and friends.

V1 speeds up a super steep climb

Liz, Kikk, Mo. L3 classic intervals

Newell skiing the Road to Nowhere. Literally






















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