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Skiing in Oct!

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Every couple years I get to brag that I skied in October. But it’s only about every 5 years that I get to brag I skied really good conditions in October. Our friends at the Blaine County Rec District have been kind enough to roll a sweet trail down from Galena. They’ve been getting out a couple times every day since the snow started flying on Saturday night, and there’s a super nice base set up. There’s even a really nice classic track in most places along the Harriman. I’m really hoping that when I head home early next week, someone will be grooming near Aspen. If I have to strap the rollerskis back on, I’ll do it, but I won’t be happy about it. Photos from Monday…

The team skiing in a classic track along the Harriman. They’ve been setting a 

classic track for the last two days. It has been awesome


Hot damn. 





LP Update Video

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LP Update 2

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Day 7 in the books here in LP. The weather continues to be crazy nice, but it’s supposed to get a little wet here in the next couple days. This week’s focus has been primarily intensity. Back to back level 4 interval sessions on Monday and Tuesday, 3.5 km classic prologue tomorrow, and a classic sprint simulation to wrap it up on Friday. It’s been great mixing up the types of workouts with skating, classic skiing, running, bounding and strength. Placid is a really cool place to train, especially this time of year, because there’s so many great km’s of roads and trails around the area that it’s basically impossible to get bored. 

Monday’s V1 intervals went really well. We did them as a huge group of guys on a super steep hill outside of Keene. I don’t think we get enough chances during the summer to go hard on really steep terrain, especially skating, so it was super important to take full advantage of this workout. 

Me leading the pack out of the shade and into a slip of sun on one of the intervals. Pete Vordenberg photo


Tuesday’s bounding intervals up Whiteface went well. Again, we primarily did them as a big pack of guys, with the pack kind of splintering into a few groups by the end. During the workout, my primary goals were to mimic a snappy yet efficient classic kick with a straight leg finish (avoiding a “late kick”) and to get more momentum out of every kick by driving each hip up the hill. I thought I did a good job with making progress on these goals. My lactate at the end of my 6th interval was 14.3 mmol, so that was pretty sweet to see that my body and my mind were up to the task of exploring the pain cave a bit.

 Hard bounding up Whiteface. Lactate at end reached 14.3 mmol. Yeah buddy. Dan Weiland photo


This morning we headed out to ski the infamous “Swastika Rd. loop” out by Wilmington. The brand new pavement was so sick, making the 2 hour easy ski awesome. Blue sky, cold air, red leaves, and what seemed to be a constant tailwind. You don’t get too many days like that.

Took this photo on the fly. L to R Tim, Newell, Dylan, Sylvan. It ain’t exactly

drinking beers and fishing, but a pretty sweet guys day out nonetheless. 


Check back in a couple days… I think Newell and I are gonna put together a video update with some training footage and other sweet stuff. 




LP Update 1

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Looking around the corner to a rest day tomorrow after a few days of “on” here in LP. This place is so cool this time of year, and I always look forward to coming here for our annual fall camp. There’s some things about the training center that get a little old after 10 days, but hey, that’s the case with anywhere you stay for 10 days. When it comes down to it, it’s super nice to come home after a hard workout, have a hot shower, and a meal, and settle down for a mid-afternoon nap.

Training’s been going really well so far. I was bummin’ pretty hard after out September camp in Sun Valley because I had to sit out a lot of the hard workouts due to some respiratory illness, but I feel like I’m back in it now, the work I’ve done so far this summer has put me in a really great spot, and I’m feeling strong technically, aerobically, anaerobically, and mentally. When I first came down with some symptoms of a cold a few weeks ago at the start of out SV camp, I decided to play it really safe and rest and recover until I felt better than 100%. Last year, I fell under the mean curse of a respiratory infection on November 10th and I didn’t shake it until about mid to late January. So needless to say, I’m really psyched that after an all-out effort like the Climb to the Castle, I’m feeling healthy and recovering well.

The climb up Whiteface yesterday was about as expected… hard. My goal was to ski into the race, which I think I ended up doing really well. I’m not talking about not warming up and using the first 2.5 km to get things going, I’m talking about starting out hard, but being really relaxed and focusing on skiing smooth. At about 4 or 5 km, I kicked it in to another gear, and ramped it up from there to the finish. It was a great opportunity to play with a strategy like that because it is only an all uphill rollerski race in October, yet you’re still putting a bib on and you’re head certainly tells your body that this is a real race during the days and minutes leading up to bang of the start gun. 

The rest of the camp schedule looks great. A lot of hard intensity with periods of recovery in the afternoon. Really psyched that there’s such a strong crew to train with. I’m especially looking forward a long run in the ‘dacks on Saturday. Having gone to school only 45 minutes away, I’m no stranger to long fall workouts in the high Adirondacks. I love it. Check out for some great shots from Pete V. I’ve been taking some good ones and am planning on a big photo post in the next couple days, so check back in. 



Seattle and The City

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Been jumping around a little bit since the end of the national team camp. Just seems like that time of year that you gotta take advantage of sunshine, warm days, and a little bit of free time. I spent a few days climbing down in the City of Rocks with a crew before heading to Seattle for a fundraiser dinner. 

Our Seattle fundraiser trip was made possible by the selfless generosity of Ray Brandstrom. Ray has been a long time supporter of the SVSEF ODT and he took it on himself to arrange a dinner with some really great people in Seattle (most of whom have a Sun Valley connection). Ray let us crash at his house where the dinner was hosted and took care of us in every way possible (check out the pool in the photo). It was really great being able to meet so many awesome people at the dinner. Everyone who came was genuinely interested in our team’s goals and personal goals, and I think we even talked a few families into joining us on the trails for some adventures this winter. Thanks to all who came and especially to Ray for making the whole function possible!




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