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It doesn’t feel right to be sitting in a hotel room in Bethel, Maine ALL day when nationals is just a stone’s throw away. I should be going through the motions; getting some good L3, L4, and distance in, skiing the sprint and distance courses, and catching up with people that I haven’t seen since I was in Maine 9 months ago. But, alas, here I am, so I’m rolling with it. During travels out here a few days ago, I got flattened by something that I most likely picked up along the way, and I’m still reeling from the knock-out punch. I was at least able to spend some really good time with Kate’s family in Cape Elizabeth all week, although I was pretty bummed not to take advantage of the sweet training conditions around Portland and Pineland. So I’m focusing on getting 100% healthy as quickly as possible so I can take advantage of as much quality racing next week as I can. Nationals is always a well-run, fun event and the racing is top-notch. So my fingers are crossed that I’ll be back in the game in no time. 

Christmas at home was really nice. I had some big training hours on the table, so it was great to be home getting plenty of rest and eating well while focusing on the task at hand. I felt really, really good all week, which makes my current status that much harder to swallow, but I’m looking at things in the big picture… last week’s training will be really good for my racing in February and March, which will be the most important part of my season. For Christmas eve and day, our family escaped up to our cabin at the base of Chair Mountain above Marble, CO. It was nice to get out of the chaos of Aspen during the holiday season. Check out the pics.

Check back in for updates from Maine throughout next week and happy new year!

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