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Wow! I’ve been seriously slacking on keeping everyone updated on my mid-winter status. My deepest apologies, but to tell you the truth, everything’s been fairly subdued recently. But things are picking up again, so I figured it was about time to jump back in head first in the digital world.


Nationals was a bit of an interesting week. It was great spending some time with my girlfriend’s family in Cape Elizabeth, ME both pre and post race week. Although I know I will always be a western boy at heart, I love every chance I get to spend time in New England. Life seems to go by at a different pace out there and it’s rejuvenating to be in a place where modesty is a hard earned value. But getting out there usually seems to be an ordeal in one or the other, and this time around, the long travel day and an already worn-thin immune system got the best of me. Unfortunately, I was knocked flat the week before the races and I never felt even remotely close to fully recovered until the last sprint. Even then, there was something a little bit off all day, but it was nice to at least get in one really hard effort before I found myself leaving the East coast. As time would tell, it probably wasn’t the best choice to race the sprint, as I got sicker than the X Games on my way back to Colorado. So after a second go-around of recovery and about 3 books later, I finally felt like myself after about 4 weeks of being held back. Just in time to get my duffel packed and hit the road again.


On my way to Norway last week, I was re-routed through San Francisco in order to avoid the chaotic mess that all East coast airports were experiencing. If you ever have 13 hours to spare in the Bay Area in January, here’s a suggestion: pack your running clothes and shoes, take the light rail into downtown (dressed, of course, in your running clothes and shoes), and make your way out to the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve never been to San Fran and experiencing it for the first time by foot at a brisk pace in 75 degree sunshine was an absolutely awesome way to do it. I’m not much of a city person, but I was pretty astonished at how beautiful and unique the topography and infrastructure is.


I’m currently in Oslo with Liz, Morgan, and Pete. Although I’ve spent a fair amount of time in this city and country over the years, it never ceases to amaze me how active and winter-oriented these people are. You’ve probably read this at least once in every other xc ski blog, but it is so invigorating and inspiring to head out on a ski 5 minutes from downtown Oslo, see at least 500 hundred school children and families out for a ski on the trails, and not even come close to scratching the surface of the amount of skiing that is around here. Every track is groomed almost every night, and every skier you pass is incredibly enthusiastic to be outside, blizzard or sunshine, bad kick or perfect kick. There are no whining 8 year olds or disgruntled middle-aged women counting amount of calories burned. Everyone is psyched, and spending time outside is just what they do.


We’ll be here for a few more days before we head up to some Scando cup races in Beitostolen. Then we’ll be back down here for the Drammen World Cup races and World Champs will be knocking at the front door.


Feeling healthy and fired up, and I’ll for sure be doing a better job from here on out with keeping everyone updated with news from the north.


I purposely didn’t turn the flash on because I didn’t want everyone to see how terribly miserable Liz, Pete, and Morgan looked on our ski today. This place is the worst!

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