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Central Park

Whenever I go someplace new…

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I aggressively pursue trying to not look like a tourist. But, as I came to realize this last week, for a kid from the mountains of Colorado doing that in New York City is simply impossible. A much needed couple of days visiting friends and causing troubles in the world’s craziest and coolest city was needed after a long season. Enjoy the pics.







A New Start At The End Of The Season

Topic: General News

One my biggest goals this season was to get my janky and outdated website back up and running and get it looking good. Well, I guess technically I achieved that goal, but since it went live on the last race day of the season, I’m going to give myself an A-. Hopefully you like the looks of it… take a second to explore around and check out all the sweet bells and whistles. I’m really excited about feeling inspired to keep all of you out there updated out there with fresh news, stories, and pictures from the life of Simi Hamilton.

A huge, huge thank you has to go out to Julie Kolar with Esse Design in Basalt, CO ( Julie, a good friend, tirelessly helped me out all winter with this project. I’m sure I set some kind of record for asking stupid questions about web design. Thanks for being so patient, Julie, and for ALL of your help. You are awesome.



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