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My apologies for having not posted earlier. Our camp is almost over and this is the first post!… I’m a slacker. Actually, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in training, getting new skis ready for on-snow testing, and sleeping. All pretty important things. Our week in Ramsau (Austria) was great. A bit of rain in the beginning, followed by some pretty amazing high-pressure days. The skiing was so soft under the 80 degree skies that we were literally pouring water out of our boots by the end of each session. Now we are in Oberhof (Germany) skiing in circles in the 0.8 km refrigerated tube just down the road from the ski stadium. It’s actually great skiing in there and there’s enough terrain to keep you interested for a couple of hours. Plus the French women’s national team is training here this week, so the scenery stays exciting on those days that seem to drag on forever. All is good with the crew. We’re missing Kris, Eric, and Skyler, but we have Eric Packer from the SMS team along in their stead. Everyone is super fit and training has been top notch. Grove and the Cork-dog have been dialed in with organization and all those sweet things that coaches are good at, and I think we’ve even managed to bring them down to our maturity level when it comes to dinnertime conversations. It didn’t take much. Without further ado, some photos… courtesy of Packer and Grover. Enjoy.



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