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Mustaches=warmth (and they're sweet)

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Race season is knocking on the door, and Gallivare, SWE is a fitting place to answer the call. The last two times that we’ve been here, the skiing has been superb. This year is no exception. Although I do have to say that the slightly higher temps this time around are more welcoming than the last time the season kicked off here (two years ago my watch read -38 degree C during a dark and ominous afternoon ski by the river). The race venue is a bustle, with the TV crews and course workers stringing cables and pinning up Veissmann banners. Fortunately, our training days on the course have been smoke-free thus far, but that’s sure to change during the races this weekend when the scores of Swedish ski fans insist on cooking their reindeer stew and warming their booze over the blazing fires that roar all day long only a meter from the race trail. It’s nice to be back in the stressful and anxious atmosphere that is the WC circuit. Whether it’s dodging wax techs testing skis in the classic tracks going the wrong way on the course or diving into a parking lot snow bank to avoid a plow driver hammering his CAT in reverse, it all cumulates in a feeling that is like when your mom nags at you to clean your room when you’re visiting home for the weekend. It’s not relaxing, but you’re still home…

Mustaches=warmth (and they're sweet)

I am planning on putting my name in the hat this weekend for the 15 km individual skate race. I love this course and it will be a pleasure to race amid the Swedish cheers and wafting smoked reindeer aroma. With the first WC sprint of the year 10 days away, it will provide me a great opportunity to go hard sans pressure all the while giving me valuable distance race experience… which is a pretty wild thing at this level!

On a completely non-related note to skiing (or maybe it’s 100% related considering we spend so much time in our hotel rooms, on planes, and in cars), I just finished a great book, The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window andĀ Disappeared. A great read that was the perfect anecdote for jetlag during all those early evenings when I would start to nod off way too early. It kept me laughing every night during those crucial times when my body was adjusting to the time change, and during the early morning hours when my body thought it was time for dinner and refused to go back to sleep.


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