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In a recent email from a friend, I was reminded that we often times overlook beauty even when it’s placed right in front of our eyes. In the story that he passed along to me, a world-renowned violinist plays at an entrance to the D.C. subway for an hour. During his improvised gig, few stop to listen to the music and fewer pay him not-so-much as a hint of recognition as they busily pass by. The violinist, Joshua Bell, had played a piece to a sold out crowd in Boston only a few nights earlier, where the average price for a ticket exceeded $100.

I’m not one to over-philosophize how I can better live my daily life, but I realized after reading the email that I can, and probably all of us can for that matter, do a much better job of appreciating the lack of monotony and excess of creativity in our lives, no matter where we live or what we do. I took this lesson with me on a run today through the cobbled streets of Liberec, Czech Republic, and I tried to force myself to see and experience the little things that I maybe would have not recognized otherwise. I found myself in a constant search for anything and everything that may have held a story within it, and I realized there was plenty to wonder about. Maybe it’s a little late for a new year’s resolution, but I’ve never really liked that stupid custom anyway. Why do we need to designate one day out of the whole year to vow to do something different that will help us become better individuals or community members? So I’m going to bed happy tonight knowing that tomorrow I can wake up knowing that how tired or bored or confused or scared or worried I get about the direction of my life, there will always be the opportunity to see and experience things that I’ve never encountered before tomorrow. Goodnight.

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  1. Rob Burnett says:

    A great perspective Sim. Words well chosen and advice I will heed.
    Thanks for sharing. Good luck this weekend – you know your auntie and I will be cheering for you.

    Love, Rob

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