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(Most) of the team atop East Canyon road summit after awesome L3 skate intervals on yet another HOT day

Beating the Heat

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That’s a fictional title during summertime in Utah (and it’s not a reference to the NBA finals… boring). Essentially, your only two options to achieving this feat are either rollerskiing behind a car with its trunk open while your coach runs a box fan and sprays cold water into your face, or tucking an ice compress into your running shorts. I’ll admit, I’ve only tried one of these techniques, but the other one sounds pretty fun, minus the complicated logistics.

I don’t do to well when the thermometer gets above 85, but my motivation and energy has not taken a hit (like it usually does when it gets uncomfortably hot and dry) in the last 10 days due to one major factor: great team dynamics. Our productive and fun Bend camp was quickly followed by spring camp part II in Park City. Minus Liz (who is getting some great training hours in with the Norwegian and Swedish girls across the Atlantic, check out for some great pics and stories), the entire team made the journey to the Wasatch for a ‘post-training camp’ training camp. It’s been awesome. Even though the temps have crossed the 90 degree mark on most of the days since we’ve been here, the training period has been unbelievably productive and fun. I can’t stress enough how great it feels to be part of a team that has meshed so well so early in the year. A lot of international winter Olympians have been hashtagging #roadtoSochi on their twitter and facebook feeds recently; this team may as well be hashtagging #freewaytoSochi. America is so much awesomer than Europe and this team’s confidence leading into this training season is sky high.

From max effort treadmill tests to skate intervals up the backside of East Canyon to long runs on the immaculate single track around PC, our training has been top-notch. Our evenings are filled with lots of laughs and good home cooked food while Mumford and Sons plays through the speakers (our girls give me shit for always putting on Babel when we sit down to eat. It’s my dinnertime album, alright?!). The staff at the Center of Excellence have served up unparalleled meals and PT for us, and our all-star coaches have probably seen more skier blood this last week than they will for the rest of the summer (lactate measurements while on the treadmill and during intensity sessions require stabbing our fingers multiple times in order to draw enough blood for the machine to register level of lactate in the blood). After a pretty high amount of volume and intensity in the last 3+ weeks, we’re all starting to wind it down this week as most of us are entering a much anticipated recovery period. I’m off to Colorado on Friday where I’ll pack my Tacoma to the brim with everything at home and then start the drive out to the East coast next week. I couldn’t be more excited to jump straight in to my new training regimen with my Stratton Mountain School T2 teammates, and if the last few weeks have been any indication of how things are going to go for the rest of the year for me and all of my national team/club teammates, watch out world.

(Most) of the team atop East Canyon road summit after awesome L3 skate intervals on yet another HOT day

Holly, Sophie, and Jessie showing that old pavement how to V2 Alternate like a bunch of bosses

Holly showing what is probably the most graceful way to exit the treadmill after a max classic test. Sophie's expression on the treadmill behind (as she warms up for her max test) is priceless.

Having coaches that push you during workouts and laugh with you afterward makes all the difference.

Soph getting shit done on the treadmill during her max classic test. She's actually powering 100% of the energy in Park City just off of her exhalation

The boys after intervals up East Canyon. Nick and I thought it was supposed to be a serious picture of us meaning business. Newell didn't get the memo. It's been awesome training and hanging with friend and NoCo skier Nick Hendrickson this week. The dude is impossibly cool.

Bjornsen and Newell pounding the Round Valley singletrack. I was so far ahead that I had time to snap a bunch of good photos, this being the best.

Straight from a strength session at the COE to a ball game in SLC to watch the Bees. No rest for the dedicated, even when we're having fun.

The best ships are friendships. We were for sure the rowdiest fans out there... which didn't help because the Bees gave up 11 runs in the 7th and 8th innings.



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