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Me heading around one of two tight 180 corners on the sprint course during my quarterfinal. I'd go on to place 3rd in my heat and 14th on the day

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I have found the elusive European internet, and if the past is any indication of the future, I’ll have to write this post quickly before it disappears into the great black void again (I’m still convinced that great black void is just one of the Canadian skiers downloading movies). My team and I have been in Davos for the last 10 days. Coming to this bustling, quaint town (slightly paradoxical but that’s actually a pretty accurate label) after spending three weeks in Scandinavian ice box ski villages above the Arctic circle is like the feeling you get stepping off a plane in Mexico in the middle of January… you can’t get enough of the warmth on your face, and you’re batteries immediately begin to recharge, filling you with much needed energy that comes from daytime lasting longer than 4 hours and long deck-lounging sessions in nothing but a pair of surf shorts. The conditions here are good… not the greatest we’ve ever seen, but of course the Swiss military did a superb job of trucking in the necessary amount of snow to fill the few random thin spots on the course. Our ten day Swiss vacation (as I like to call it), was momentarily interrupted this past weekend with two races. I, like pretty much all the World Cup sprinters, opted out of Saturday’s 30 km distance race in order to be as well rested and as sparky as possible leading up to Sunday’s skate sprint. We had some great team performances on Saturday, including 4 women in the points in their 15 km and Noah’s impressive 24th in the 30 km. Sunday’s sprint would prove to be no different, as we had 6 women and 2 men in the points (top-30). I felt good leading into the day… maybe not the best I’ve ever felt before a sprint, but I think that’s a really good sign in terms of where I want to be right now and how I want to be feeling. If I had felt like I was just completely on fire and nothing could stop me, that’d probably be a bad sign at this point. Anyway, I qualified decently well in 21st and felt good skiing in my quarterfinal. I tried to make a couple tactical moves on the one and only climb (Davos is always a 2-lap sprint course so you end up climbing the same short but steep hill twice), but I kept getting boxed out just as I would find a gap to climb thru and move up in the pack. I was unable to advance but because I was just two places out of the the second lucky loser spot (‘lucky loser’ refers to a placement that is good enough to advance you to the next round based on how fast you skied that heat), I ended up 14th on the day. Not the best result I’ve ever had, but as the Norwegians like to say, “The shape… it is coming.” I’d like to think that a top-15 on the World Cup is a result to hang your hat on, but I’m hungry for more and I know that if I keep my focus I’ll be climbing the steps of the podium someday. Tomorrow we travel to Asiago, Italy for a sprinter’s weekend where we’ll race an individual classic sprint on Saturday and a team classic sprint on Sunday. Then it’s back to Davos for a few days of dressing up in Christmas sweaters and wishing I was skiing powder with my family as I unwrap a couple presents that I got myself before we make the long trek up to Oberhof, Germany for the start of the Tour de Ski. Apparently the guy who makes the schedule for the World Cups is not a big fan of Christmas and all the great things that come with it, but oh well, what can you do. Thanks for checking in and I hope you enjoy some of these shots from our days here in Davos.

Swiss military preparing the course before the weekend

Catching some righteous rays in that sun that Davos is known for.

Mikey Sinnott and I headed out for a full moon ski the other night. We ended up finding perfect corduroy and didn't even have to turn our headlamps on.

Me heading around one of two tight 180 corners on the sprint course during my quarterfinal. I'd go on to place 3rd in my heat and 14th on the day. Photo Bryan Fish (USST)

Tight bunching at the start of my quarterfinal heat. Photo Bryan Fish (USST)




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  1. Lol and Tots says:

    Sounds great, Sim and we LOVE the pictures, so keep them coming for our viewing pleasure… Keep up the good work and best of luck this weekend! xox

  2. Andre Wille says:

    Great action pics. keep it up and go get ’em!

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