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I had a breakthrough this week. I won a World Cup. It feels good to say that, as I’m still in a bit of shock that all of this is actually happening. You spend a lot of time closing your eyes and envisioning what it’s going to be like when it actually does happen. You go through it so many times that it becomes somewhat of a familiarity to you, even though it hasn’t even happened yet. But somehow, even after after all those sleepless nights and those long flights when you can’t think about anything expect how cool it would be to cross the line first, you can’t prepared yourself for how it actually feels.

I was talking to one of my coaches today and I found myself explaining what was going through my head in the last 100 meters of the race. If I were to put it into numbers, I would say that 99% of my brain was focusing on not putting a pole between my legs. And the other 1%? Well that part of me was the little boy in a candy shop just looking around wondering if what was happening was actually real. And even though almost all of my focus was on not doing anything to royally screw up the day, that 1% is still the emotion that I think about most when I look back to what happened. That 1% is an addictive drug that really good athletes love. It’s the feeling we get knowing that what we’re about to do, and the feelings that come with it, aren’t felt by that many people in the world. Winning something big and important is a crazy thing, and I’m pretty fired up for more of that same feeling.

I wish I had some good pictures from the day, but I literally haven’t seen any except for a few on the FIS website. I’ll keep searching around to see if I can track some down, but until then, you can watch most of the heat footage (including both men’s and women’s finals) at this Vimeo link. Thanks to for throwing this up on the web. Keep the vids coming!!!

Lenzerheide Sprint World Cup



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