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A Good Way to Start a New Year

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It’s that time of the season again. We dust off the race skis and roller skis, double wash the polypro underlayers that somehow got missed when unpacking after the end of the race season, and settle into the routine of 30 hour training weeks. I guess if I were totally honest, that time actually came a few weeks ago, but I’m just now catching my breath enough to write this after a hectic first few weeks of travel between the west and east coasts, twice, tons of on-snow time at our annual spring camp at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, and finally feeling somewhat settled down here in Stratton, Vermont where I’ll be spending my summer training season again. I’m super excited and humbled to be part of Stratton Mountain School’s T2 team again, and our team roster is comprised of some pretty outstanding people both on and off the race trails.

Usually, every spring, I find a way to escape to someplace warm where I can put my toes in the sand and catch some waves in water warmer than 50 degrees (something you get used to when you do the majority of your surfing on the New England coast). But this spring, I was completely content to hang back at home in Colorado and take advantage of the great snow year we had out there. Since I’m trapped on the road in Europe every year from November-April, being home with friends and family and finding some good lines to ski in the high peaks around my home makes me pretty darn happy. This year was especially enjoyable as I got in a ton of days and found the whole gamut of conditions from knee deep cold powder to super steep corn lines under blue bird skies. One of the best parts about spending time in the backcountry is who you get to spend those hours with. I was so grateful to get out with some of my best friends in the world this spring. One of the highlights of April was skiing North Maroon’s giant, 50 degree NorthEast Face (with some pretty big air at the bottom making it a bit of a ‘no-fall line’). Most of my other days exploring good snow were spent up by our cabin on McClure Pass and some great close-to-home tours in the heart of the Elks. Here’s a whole slew of some of the places we explored.

I also got in some great days in the desert when my sister, her boyfriend James, and I checked out some classic lines on some pretty inspiring desert towers around Moab, including Castelton (Castle Valley) and Ancient Art (Fisher Towers).

Our annual camp at Mt. Bachelor, just outside of Bend, Oregon, was one of the best we’ve had in years. I can’t remember the last time I was there and we had a such a crazy long stretch of beautiful days. Even though the skiing and grooming for us is great every year, I think I get most excited about everything else you can do around that area. Even with about 32 hours of on-snow time in 10 days, I managed to get out for some great rides and an afternoon of awesome cragging with the dudes while the girls were putting on Fast and Female.

I’m back in VT for quite a good chunk of time now before I head up to Alaska for our on-camp on the Eagle Glacier outside of Girdwood. I’m already scoping out a trip to Montreal to surf my kayak on the La Chine wave, getting to the Adirondacks for some sunny trad climbing on the steep walls around Keene Valley, and hopefully finding a day to escape to the coast for some good surf before I have to get on a plane and leave again. So stay tuned for some good adventure stories and hopefully even better pictures. Cheers.







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  1. Larry O'Heren says:

    Nothing like a little cross training with a huge smile daily.! Beautiful photos . Enjoy this time in your life. And all days going forward….

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