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100,000 Meters

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There are countless things that are put into a ski-race-winning equation. There are the seemingly endless sets of 6×4 min level 4 intervals in the training season. There are the speed sessions that you do on the same stretch of road or trail, trying to get just a little bit faster and more powerful each time you do them. There are the 1,000s of pull-ups, dips, and lat pullovers. And every so often there are the workouts that are truly, at their core, so fun and challenging and ridiculous that you get a little nervous just thinking about them even when they are weeks away.

This past Saturday, our motley crew of SMS T2 skiers set out on a brisk Fall New England day to ski 100 km in one training session. When you train 800 hours a year, you get accustomed to passing the same fence lines, the same guard rails, and the same trees along a single track run week after week after week. So the opportunity to ski for over 6 hours in rolling farm terrain in country we seldom see is a rejuvenation for your mind and body. Everything becomes exciting, from the slow but manageable pace you have to maintain to reminding yourself to take down a liter of Gatorade every hour. The team becomes more cohesive. You take turns breaking a head wind at the front of a long pace line. And you find a rhythm to your skiing that you all too often forget you had.

We chose to ski the majority of our km’s just across the border in NY state. The roads and undulating terrain are ideal for long, slow efforts. The local tractor drivers and farm hands are psyched to see you out there and drive on the far left side when they pass, all the while giving you a thumbs up or a supportive wave as they slowly drive by. And when you reach the top of any one of the numerous hills you get a heart-stirring view of some of New England’s most historic and beautiful farm land and forests.

The cherry on top was having my mom, aunt, and uncle, as well as Annie Pokorny’s parents and boyfriend Will (aka photographer extraordinaire) along for the ride in the support cars (and bikes) as they kept our energy high and handed us apple cake and doughnuts from 80 km on. And of course a huge thanks goes to our coaches who not only work tirelessly day in and day out to allow us to become the best athletes and people we can become, but for the route planning and organization that went into this whole thing. I’m already looking forward to next year’s 100 km ski and many more adventures like it. After all, it’s part of the job description and that ain’t bad.

Heading out. Km zero


Double pole pace line


Coach Pat adding up the length segments


Mom making sure none of the pieces fall apart. She's had lots of practice with that in the last 27 years


Sver dishing out some words of encouragement at 90 km.


Soph breaking into that tired/giggly/happy/almost there feeling at 95 km.


Getting into the rhythm.


The girls utilizing the "Sverre brake" into one of the sketchy downhill intersections.


Power food.


The girls on the home stretch.


Enjoying a cold beer and a good laugh at 100.01 km. The girls (background) had a few more km to ski but they got their moment a few minutes later.


Done and done.






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