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Frozen(ish) Thunder

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No matter what time of year, it’s always a pleasure to ski on REAL snow. We spend, mmm, about 350 hours a year pounding the pavement on roller skis, so to finally click in to a pair of real skis in early October, as the anticipation of the quickly incoming World Cup season is at an all time high, is a pretty darn good feeling. Even if it is on a 2 km loop. For that last few years, our Canadian friends, eh, have been rolling out “Frozen Thunder” for skiers from near and far to come and train on. They stockpile a massive heap of blown snow all winter long, cover it with wood chips when the temps start rising in the spring, store it all summer, and then spread it and groom it in mid-October. It’s pretty cool to feel like you’re so close to home when you’re in a community that takes it’s XC training, racing, and culture so seriously. They do it right, and it’s pretty sweet that we get to take advantage of it.

Our dryland camp in Park City preceding our 10 days on snow up here was super productive. As is usually the case in October, we primarily focused on hard intensity and speed, spending a lot of time at the rollerski loop at Soldier Hollow. We did, however, manage to get up high in the mountains for some pretty sweet runs during prime leaf-peeping time. A quick flight from Salt Lake got us up to Calgary, and an hour later we were nestled back into the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge in Canmore. Conditions haven’t been perfect this year on the ‘Thunder’, but like I said, any snow in October is good snow. Temps have been a little warmer than in the past, but the track is holding up nicely and they are forecasting for some colder nights tonight and into the beginning of this week. Our training focus thus far up here in the north country has been trying to get that good feeling of moving fast again after so many months of roller skiing and running. We’ve been doing a lot of speed work and have had one time trial (with a second one on the docket for tomorrow). Here’s a short clip of my teammate, Andy, and me during one of our speed workouts a couple days ago.

I haven’t had many good opportunities to snap some pics of the hamster wheel this week on the account of it being pretty rainy every day, but I think it’s supposed to get a tad nicer up here so I’ll post some photos in a few days.

We’ll have to pack up and get out of this beautiful place on Wednesday. It’s always a little bit depressing leaving Canmore because this little mountain town reminds me so much of home, but leaving here only means that our flight to Europe in a few weeks is that much closer. And our first opportunity to put on a World Cup bib will follow soon after. Thanks for checking in from the land of Molson, extremely nice people, and pretty sweet sunrises.

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  1. Janez Rebersak says:

    It is alway nice to read your articles !

    Have a good start in to new WC season!

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