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10 p.m. Sunshine

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Norway’s been great to us. It’s always amazing being here. Great food, good living, cold fjords to jump in on all the hot days, and driver’s don’t give you the bird when they pass you during your roller ski. I feel like after leaving New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, my body has almost caught up to what the watch on my wrist reads, and I’ll probably be 100% synced up the night before I get back on a plane to head home. Oh well. I can’t complain too much. Highlights of the trip so far include: getting out on a fishing expedition on our off day, hucking big back flips off a big bridge, skiing on the best roads I’ve maybe ever skied on, and seeing the sun set a little after 10 o’clock each night. Look for an update after our races this weekend. It should be a good time as we sprint thru a small seaside town on the coast, on a paved roller ski loop in the middle of the forest, and thru downtown Trondheim with tens of thousands lining the course on Saturday.


Caught a big one! (and then dealt with the killing and cleaning). Photo: Noah Hoffman

Liz and Team Fjord

Liz leading the charge. Photo: Matt Whitcomb


Finding big bridges and cold water on hot days. Photo: Noah Hoffman

Simi Andy Aure-1

Andy and I mid-skate speed. Photo: Matt Whitcomb


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